Joseph Maharaj

Joseph Maharaj brings real estate and cryptocurrency expertise, as well as a solid managerial experience, to the table. He grew obsessed with business strategy and management in general after being accepted to the University of Pennsylvania.

Soon after graduating from the Wharton School, Joseph Maharaj began a diverse range of professional experiences, including management and leadership roles in a variety of industries. Mahesh has created numerous new LLCs and projects in 2019 to stay up with his business operations.

Maharaj was accepted to the University of Pennsylvania in high school and earned a business degree during his stay there. His education at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business was broad and rigorous. During his time at university, he was exposed to a broad variety of academic materials, which helped him appreciate the importance of leadership in the corporate world.

Joseph Maharaj benefited greatly from the supportive atmosphere at the Wharton School's premier business school. He became interested in the bigger social and cultural elements that drive corporate success while studying liberal arts at university. Maharaj understood the value of solid professional relationships in addition to what he learnt in the classroom.

Joseph Maharaj received a bachelor's degree in business administration in 2004. Based on the knowledge he obtained at the Wharton School, Maharaj decided to pursue a career in business.

Joseph Maharaj promptly put his newfound knowledge into effect after graduating from the Wharton School. He went on to become an Operations Executive, a Project Management Professional, and a Change Management Specialist during the following 15 years. Maharaj was continuously seeking for new ways to advance his company's objective and the individuals he was in charge of as his career developed.

Maharaj took a decade to work his way up the corporate ladder. As his projects became more sophisticated, he found it increasingly challenging to manage smaller, more focused teams.

As the head of a variety of projects, Joseph Maharaj had the chance to polish his leadership abilities. He took full responsibility and accountability for all of the major initiatives he oversaw. With more power, he was able to manage an increasing number of complicated commercial and strategic planning projects.

Joseph Maharaj has developed a deep knowledge of team dynamics and leadership since then. He instilled a sense of duty and ownership in his subordinates as a supervisor and mentor.

Joseph Maharaj's life was influenced by the Six Sigma principles and philosophy. He was certified as a Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt after mastering the Lean Six Sigma technique. Applicants must show a thorough understanding of lean principles in order to be accepted for this renowned accreditation.

After a lengthy career in corporate America, Joseph Maharaj decided to concentrate only on real estate in 2019. He opted to invest in multifamily homes in the area because of his awareness of current market trends and demand.

To keep track of his ever-growing real estate interests, he formed Joseph Maharaj Capital Investments LLC. This company was formally founded on September 17, 2021, and it is already working and growing.
Cryptocurrency fanatic Joseph Maharaj, on the other hand, is one of the most ardent promoters of this new technology. Throughout his career, he showed a great awareness of market trends. He founded and registered Kingmaker Digital Assets LLC as a business for his cryptocurrency holdings on December 14, 2021.

Joseph Maharaj, a proponent of family-friendly travel, founded Family Meets LLC on December 14, 2021. In the near future, he plans to launch a family-friendly travel website and a series of family-friendly travel blogs via his Connecticut Domestic LLC. Maharaj is certain that, like his other real estate and cryptocurrency ventures, this one will be a huge success.

Joseph Maharaj and his 15-year-old wife love engaging in cultural and community events in the Goldens Bridge, New York area. For the past four years, he worked as a tee-ball instructor and baseball coach in Lewisboro, New York. To give back to the community, Maharaj attends church and other social activities.